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Getting Started [Learning English]

Hello and welcome to my blog

If you are searching for the free exercise english, congratulations!!! you are in the right place. Here, I shall share my english ability and write into this blog, so as we can learn english together. This blog will be updated at least once a week and is intended to all learners, who want to expand their english grammars. You can ask or request me, considering about english grammars to write into the blog. Nobody is perfect and making error is common, if you have any questions or find any mistakes in the lessons, please feel free to send me e-mail to increase the quality of this blog. Many of lessons will be taken from the original books by L.G. Alexander, because I consider this book as a good friend to keep company with me learning English.


The advantage of using this blog

  1. It’s free
  2. You can ask me when you get any trouble and send e-mail to
  3. The lessons are rich of grammars and preceded by exercises, so that you can test yourself after studying
  4. Every lesson has any relation with the previous one, so you can link your ability and intensify it step by step comprehensively, which is perfect for the continuous learners
  5. The subjects are intended for you, who have already had the basic English



Now, you can work through this example carefully and then try to figure the fundamental out. Notice that this passage uses past time verbs.



Mrs Forbes was very old and very poor. Everybody in the neighborhood called her Granny Forbes and tried to help her. Some neighbors came in each day and cooked meals for her. Others came and cleaned her room. There was little furniture in her room. It was small, dark and almost empty. There was a bed and a table, and there were two chairs. In winter, neighbors sometimes brought coal and lit a fire, but Granny’s room was often very cold. Granny lived in poverty all her life. She died at the age of eighty-four. Then her neighbors got a big surprise. She left £ 50,000!

[practice & progress by L.G. Alexander p11]