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Russian Basic Pronunciation


In the Russian language, there are consonant and vowel letters. Russian has five vowel sounds and ten vowel letters. Five of the letters are “hard” and the rests are “soft”. The one vowel sound in each word that is stressed receives special emphasis. As you speak Russian, try in the beginning to exaggerate your pronunciation.

Consonant Letters


Russian Sound Example
б b as in bat банк
в v as in vote вот
г g as in go гол
д d as in dog да
ж zh as in azure жена
з z as in zoo за
й y as in boy мой
к k as in kayak касса
л l as in lot лампа
м m as in mall муж
н n as in note нос
п p as in papa парк
р r as in rabbit рот
с s as in sun суп
т t as in toe такси
ф f as in fund фунт
х ch as in bach, loch ах
ц ts as in tsar царь
ч ch as in cheap чнтает
ш sh as in show шапка
щ sh as in sheep щн
ъ hard sign
ь soft sign




Russian Sound Example
а a as in father да
з e as in echo зхо
ы y as in hairy мы
о o as in hello но
у u as in rule ну
я ya as in yahoo я
е ye as in yes нет
и ee as in bee ива
ё yo as in yo-yo полёт
ю u as in union юмор


You know you’re in Russia when the simple sign for a restaurant looks like PECTOPAH. Actually, the Russian alphabet has only a few more letters than English. But to get started, look at the list below. Read aloud the pronunciation in the first column and then look at the Russian letters in the middle column. At the far right you’ll see the translation and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how many of them you already know. After the first three words we’ll add only one new letter per word.

Pronunciation Russian English Pronunciation Russian English
da да yes zal зал hall
nyet нет no fkhot вход entrance
bank банк bank vykhat выход exit
bar бар bar tsentr центр center
park парк park byuro бюро bureau
kasa касса cashier gardirop гардероб garderobe
taksi такси taxi pochta почта post office
kiosk киоск kiosk ryat ряд row
kafe кафе café stoytye стойте Stand!
bufyet буфет buffet nye kurit не курить No smoking
mitro метро metro bal’shoy болбшой the Bolshoi
maskva москва moscow zhenski женский ladies’ (room)
aeraport азропорт airport mushkoy мужской men’s (room)
aeraflot азрофлот aeroflot yischo ещё more, else

Manajemen Kualitas (1)

—Industrialisasi pada jaman modern -> Kualitas

—Dampak positif :

-Penurunan biaya produksi, proses pembuatan produk yg memiliki derajat kesesuaian tinggi terhadap standar sehingga bebas dari kerusakan (no waste & no inefisiensi)

-Peningkatan pendapatan, peningkatan penjualan atas produk berkualitas yang berharga kompetitif


Reaksi Berantai Deming:

Reaksi Deming


Keistimewaan Produk:

—Keistimewaan langsung (kepuasan langsung) -> mengkonsumsi produk yg memiliki karateristik unggul

—Keistimewaan atraktif (kepuasan tak langsung) -> sering memberikan kepuasan yg lebih besar pd pelanggan, spt online banking, pelayanan 24 jam

Tipe produk -> Tangible & Intangible:

1. Barang

2. Perangkat lunak (program komputer, prosedur/ instruksi)

3. Jasa


—Kualitas dpt juga diartikan sbg segala sesuatu yg menentukan kepuasan pelanggan & upaya perubahan ke arah perbaikan secara terus-menerus

—Fokus kualitas -> konsumen


Definisi Manajeme n Kualitas:

—Cara meningkatkan kinerja secara terus-menerus pd setiap level operasi / proses, menggunakan semua sumber daya manusia dan modal yang tersedia

—Quality Vocabulary (ISO 9000:2005) :

1. Perencanaan kualitas

2. Pengendalian kualitas

3. Jaminan kualitas

4. Peningkatan kualitas


Manajemen PDCA dalam Continual Improvement:

Manajemen PDCA


Tingkat Manajemen Level:

—Manajemen puncak, mengelola sasaran & tujuan strategik beserta kebijakan organisasi agar sesuai dg visi, misi dan nilai organisasi

—Manajemen menengah, bertanggung jawab kepada manajemen puncak untuk fungsi departemen mereka

—Manajemen rendah (lini pertama), berkaitan dg pelaksanaan & pengawasan program peningkatan kualitas total perusahaan sehari-hari


Karakteristik Kualitas Menurut Juran:

—Kualitas menjadi bagian dari setiap agenda manajemen atas

—Sasaran kualitas dimasukkan ke dalam rencana bisnis

—Fokus adalah pada pelanggan dan kesesuaian kompetisi

—Sasaran disebarkan ke tingkat yang mengambil tindakan

—Pelatihan dilaksanakan pada semua tingkat

—Pengukuran ditetapkan seluruhnya

—Manajer atas secara teratur meninjau kembali kemajuan dibandingkan terhadap sasaran

—Penghargaan diberikan untuk kinerja terbaik

—Sistem imbalan (reward) diperbaiki


Karakteristik Kualitas Modern:

1. Berorientasi pada pelanggan, setiap orang hrs menggunakan konsep berpikir sistem yang memperhatikan secara serius & benar akan berlakunya prinsip hubungan pemasok-pelanggan

2. Adanya partisipasi aktif yg dipimpin o/ manajemen puncak dlm proses peningkatan kualitas berkelanjutan

3. Pemahaman dari setiap orang terhadap tanggung jawab spesifik untuk kualitas

4. Aktivitas yg berorientasi kepada tindakan pencegahan kerusakan, bukan berfokus pada upaya untuk mendeteksi kerusakan saja

5. Jalan hidup; semua karyawan diberikan pelatihan tentang konsep kualitas beserta metodenya, berpartisipasi dlm usaha peningkatan kualitas dsb


3 Bagian Kualitas Modern:

1.Kualitas desain, mengacu pada aktivitas yg menjamin bahwa produk baru / yang dimodif di desain sedemikian rupa u/ memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan serta secara ekonomis layak untuk diproduksi / dikerjakan

2.Kualitas kesesuaian, pembuatan produk / pemberian ajsa pelayanan yg memenuhi spesifikasi yg telah ditentukan sebelumnya pada tahap desain itu

3.Kualitas pemasaran; tingkat dimana dalam penggunaan produk itu memenuhi ketentuan dasar tentang pemasaran, pemeliharaan dan pelayanan purna jual


In questo momento sono molto contento perche’ la mia presentazione alla classe (alle 19.00) è andata molto bene. Eravamo un gruppo di 4 persone che a turno presentava un sulla compra-vendita.

Quando è arrivato il mio turno, ho presentato con sicurezza ogni argomento (spiegazione) aggiungendo sempre gli esempi (per tutte spiegazioni). Alla sessione discussione gli auditori non hanno chiesto spiegazioni ulteriori. E alla fine, il docente e tutti i miei amici mi hanno lodato perchè sono stato il migliore. Quando è stato il mio turno, ho spiegato per lungo tempo e l’auditorio ha detto che sono stato chiaro.

Ho presentato le diapositive dalle 16.30 alle 18.00. e mentre le presentavo, leggevo e capivo ogni argomento. Per fortuna avevo già letto quel capitolo, quindi non ho dovuto pensare piu’ come un principiante e quando presentavo le diapositive, avevo paura di non poter dare il meglio, ma i fatti hanno dimostrato il contrario.

Insomma ora sono molto contento e devo mantenere alta (tenere) la mia reputazione all’Universita’quindi devo dare sempre il meglio di me so che il giovamento sara’ per me stesso…so che questo sarà un bene per me

Animal right in Indonesia

Animals should live happily in the nature. They’re the gift from God, which we must preserve their existence carefully. We often find animal abused on TV News, newspaper or even internet. Burning dogs, killing small powerless cats only for happiness or even nurturing monkeys to be tortured later. Here are some animal fights, which often happens in Indonesia. They are used as real amusement. Legal or not? However, some of them are parts of culture which held periodically. With weak laws, Indonesia is a heaven for animal fight lovers.

1. Dog
It is not curious to see dog fight. Many people like to watch this attraction, since it’s entertaining and tensive. Two poor dogs fight each other in the cirque until they meet their limits. It often happens when the fight ends with death. The lost dogs will absolutely die. In fact, the winner will be alive only for a short time. Sooner or later, it will die too due to infection and great injury. `Bali Bloody Summer` can be a good example for this matter. At first, they take care of dogs, train them regularly to get a great performance as a result. Before fighting. They usually don’t feed them to make the animals hungry and aggressive. This attraction spurs audience, which sometimes gamble to make the attraction more pleasure

2. Horse
It is one of South-East Sulawesi culture to conduct horse rivalry. It is held regularly in a year: In the independent day (17 August), Eid-Mubarak or even when the inhabitants host important guests. The local occupants call this attraction “Pogeraha Adara”, which means “horse power compete”. They select big and powerful horses to fight. This attraction is a legacy from the home-grown empire when they received important visitors. The horse must win to get a group of female horses as gift.

3. Rooster
One of the most famous animal fight is “Adu Ayam Jago” (Rooster’s fight). The owner installs irons to rooster’s paws. Base on the folklore, two kingdoms speculated two cocks as heroes. As one rooster failed, they had to give a half of property to the opposite kingdom. Nowadays, “Adu Ayam Jago” is held only for a luxuriant recital to replenish boredom. The owner always praises to his hero as it produces a lot of money.

4. Sheep
Fighting Sheep is held with accompaniment as a ceremonial in certain months of June, August and December in Garut, West Java. The history began from the government era in about 1815 – 1829. When a functionary used to come to his friends to see his sheeps. He put an interest to incite sheeps in a fight. The winner was trusted as a supreme sheep, which had to be proliferated to get excellent ancestries. Many people come to the area only to watch this addictive presentment.

5. Dogs VS wild boar (Crazy Cross Over Animal Fight)
Many people in certain places love to watch the fight between dogs and a wild boar. Since an adult wild boar has a bigger body and stronger power. It must come together with two or three dogs. All in all, for the residents, gambling a great amount of money is a shortcut, which can fix one’s financial problem and reduce stressed coincidentally.

Poor Little Cat

Yesterday, I was going outside to buy credit for my cellphone. I usually go to the nearest market.

In the street, I glanced upon a poor little cat that was lying down, and she seemed very weak. I didn’t understand. Where did this cat come from?

After buying credit for my cellphone, I came back and saw that the kitten was still there. Since I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing it suffer and leave it there, I took the cat home. The people around stared at me as if I was a little robber, but I didn’t care what they thought.

At home, I tried to give her some milk, but this cat was really very weak. I tried to put a baby’s bottle to her mouth but it was difficult, because she was too weak. I had an idea; maybe this cat was too hungry. Then, without any doubt, I went to a little restaurant near home. I bought a fish. The seller asked me why I only bought a fish and didn’t get rice to go with it. I just smiled at her cause I was too shy to explain. And I thought that it was not necessary to explain.

Coming back home, I gave delicious fish to the cat, but she didn’t want to eat this delicious fish. I tried to feed her with my hand and make her stand but, she even was too weak to stand!

Finally, I came to the conclusion that this cat had been poisoned by someone, or maybe she had eaten poison for mice, as the taste of fish was very delicious for any mammals. I saw clearly that she had breathing difficulties, and she used her throat to breath! I saw those her eyes were empty without any hopes to live any longer. It seemed that she had known she would die soon…

“No cat! We have just met several minutes ago, and I will never let you leave me! NEVER! WAKE UP!” I screamed loudly while making her stand.

I tried many different ways to make her wake up, but the result was always nothing…

I was struggling to help her and realized that an hour had gone past. Because of this, I was already late for an appointment with my friend to have lunch at his house [By the way, he always cooks perfectly and I worship all of his food], so I left this poor cat on my terrace. I let her lie down without any power to save her.

After having lunch and surfing on internet at his house, i went back home and saw that cat has already died! I was really sad, but I had known that it’s a consequence she could not avoid. I brought her to the garden and buried her. She didn’t deserve to be thrown to the river near home. For me, the cat is like a human, because they have feelings, too, just like us. It was one of the saddest days I have had ever pass. All I could do was to just pray, sincerely with my tears, that she would be okay in the afterlife.