Animal right in Indonesia

Animals should live happily in the nature. They’re the gift from God, which we must preserve their existence carefully. We often find animal abused on TV News, newspaper or even internet. Burning dogs, killing small powerless cats only for happiness or even nurturing monkeys to be tortured later. Here are some animal fights, which often happens in Indonesia. They are used as real amusement. Legal or not? However, some of them are parts of culture which held periodically. With weak laws, Indonesia is a heaven for animal fight lovers.

1. Dog
It is not curious to see dog fight. Many people like to watch this attraction, since it’s entertaining and tensive. Two poor dogs fight each other in the cirque until they meet their limits. It often happens when the fight ends with death. The lost dogs will absolutely die. In fact, the winner will be alive only for a short time. Sooner or later, it will die too due to infection and great injury. `Bali Bloody Summer` can be a good example for this matter. At first, they take care of dogs, train them regularly to get a great performance as a result. Before fighting. They usually don’t feed them to make the animals hungry and aggressive. This attraction spurs audience, which sometimes gamble to make the attraction more pleasure

2. Horse
It is one of South-East Sulawesi culture to conduct horse rivalry. It is held regularly in a year: In the independent day (17 August), Eid-Mubarak or even when the inhabitants host important guests. The local occupants call this attraction “Pogeraha Adara”, which means “horse power compete”. They select big and powerful horses to fight. This attraction is a legacy from the home-grown empire when they received important visitors. The horse must win to get a group of female horses as gift.

3. Rooster
One of the most famous animal fight is “Adu Ayam Jago” (Rooster’s fight). The owner installs irons to rooster’s paws. Base on the folklore, two kingdoms speculated two cocks as heroes. As one rooster failed, they had to give a half of property to the opposite kingdom. Nowadays, “Adu Ayam Jago” is held only for a luxuriant recital to replenish boredom. The owner always praises to his hero as it produces a lot of money.

4. Sheep
Fighting Sheep is held with accompaniment as a ceremonial in certain months of June, August and December in Garut, West Java. The history began from the government era in about 1815 – 1829. When a functionary used to come to his friends to see his sheeps. He put an interest to incite sheeps in a fight. The winner was trusted as a supreme sheep, which had to be proliferated to get excellent ancestries. Many people come to the area only to watch this addictive presentment.

5. Dogs VS wild boar (Crazy Cross Over Animal Fight)
Many people in certain places love to watch the fight between dogs and a wild boar. Since an adult wild boar has a bigger body and stronger power. It must come together with two or three dogs. All in all, for the residents, gambling a great amount of money is a shortcut, which can fix one’s financial problem and reduce stressed coincidentally.

7 thoughts on “Animal right in Indonesia

  1. Good article. The author has put together the problem animals. I think these entertainment people are found not only in Indonesia. The creation of such fights – it’s disgusting!
    If there is a God, why he made ​​this world so? This world of eternal struggle for survival. Millions of bacteria and microorganisms every day trying to destroy your body, and every day he is obliged to resist using the immune system. If he does not come out a winner – he will die.
    Life here is built on war.

  2. Thank you, my friend, for speaking on behalf of animals.

    In developing nations animals have no rights. My wife witnessed beheading of dogs in the Philippines.. people are so poor that dog meat is highly valued there. In parts of Asia, cats and dogs are skinned alive and boiled much like lobsters.

    Here in America pets are loved, but cows, pigs, sheep, chickens are still treated inhumanely in factory farms. I prefer a “meat free” diet for this reason.

    Recently immigrants are committing cruel acts against animals here in the U.S. Some Mexicans tortured and killed a beloved wild horse in California not long ago. In their culture animals have no rights.

    In Arizona dogs and cats are stolen to be used as bait in bloody training exercises for dog fighting. Pet lovers must always watch their pets.

    Supposedly some Muslim immigrants here in America have been confiscating dogs while walking in parks. But I have read that the prophet Muhammad forbade his followers to harm any animal and asked them to respect the rights of animals.

    Latin Americans have brought cock fighting to America. That is a sick sport. Roosters rage into a bloody melee to the death. Small children watch with their parents. Kids are indoctrinated into this form of violence.. they find animal cruelty to be a ‘normal’ aspect of life.

    More than two million immigrants arrive annually to America. I believe that all people have a right to a free happy life, but America’s love for pets should be respected in my opinion. Thanks for the article, Kidotov.

  3. Very nice article, Kido. I like the precision and the link to videos that prove what you say. I could never have imagined of horse-fights, for example. What I find really disturbing is not the cruelty on the animals by itself (which is still a horrible thing) but the fact that so many people actually enjoy seeing those sort of things! When they go back home, how will they behave with their fellow human beings? Their friends? Their families? I am sure there is a higher chance they become violent criminals… with a high cost for the whole society. 😦

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