Idioms About Talking

Learning Idiom is delightful. It enlarges our style to communicate with smart ways. In this occasion, I give You 10 most popular idioms about talking, which are often used in daily life.

No Idioms Meaning Example in Sentences
1 To Talk in circles to speak in a confusing or indirect manner Craig sometimes talks in circles due to his brain’s problem
2 Talk through one’s hat to speak insincerely, to talk nonsense, or to exaggerate Some of my friends sometimes talk through their hats to preserve their dignity in social life
3 To talk someone out of something to dissuade someone My cat is very clever. She always talks to me out of something when I entice her not to walk around the park
4 Talk big to brag When Marina meets her colleagues, she always talks big about her career
5 To speak the same language to agree I have not been getting along with my wife for several days, but today we speak the same language
6 Talk to hear (one’s) own voice to talk excessively, in an egotistical manner Kido often gets upset with Yuriy when he talks to hear his own voice
7 To spill the beans to confess / tell the truth Finally the theft spills the beans after the police threat him
8 To talk someone into something to convince someone Monella always has a lot of ways to talk to her boyfriend into something
9 To shoot the breeze to chat in relax way about something I have a new idea about our recent business. Why don`t we meet in the restaurant to shoot the breeze
10 To talk a mile a minute to speak very fast I don`t understand the subject because the lecturer always talks a mile a minute when he is teaching

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