10 Infrequent English Words (With Pictures)

English words are tremendous and immense. For non English-speakers, it is sometimes difficult to understand / remember them due to rare used in daily life. Here 10 sparse English words, which (maybe) you never know before.

1. A fortiori (a)

Used to express a conclusion for which there is stronger evidence than for a previously accepted one


The magistrate rejects all absolute ideas of justice, and a fortiori the natural-law position

2. Prow (n)

A The front of a ship or a boat above the water

B The portion of a ship’s bow above water


A With his hard nose protruding like a ship’s prow … he took to business as if it were war.

B The ship’s prow swung ponderously away from the Aurora Borealis, and her main thrusters fired to accelerate her away from the liner



3. Promulgate (v)

To make publicly known an idea


Galileo was in incarceration after promulgating about earthly science

4. Levee (n)

A An embankment made to prevent flooding

B A formal reception


A Construction of levees and embankments prevents the floodplain from performing this function and transfers the problem further downstream to areas which were not subject to flooding

B My manager and I would like you to be our guest at the levee tonight


5. Fissiparous (a)

Tending to break into parts


Alexandr ‘s unsuccessful in holding a fissiparous membership together

6. Dactyloscopy (n)

The analysis of fingerprints for identification of individuals


Doctor Bersani tries to introduce dactyloscopy into the police force, with prints from those arrested carefully classified


7. Mayhap (a)

Perhaps, maybe


The idea of taking a vacation to Rome is mayhap acceptable

8. Ganef (n)

A thief


This ganef has stolen a lot of food from the Supermarket



9. Vouchsafe (v)

To grant or give something as if as a favor / give or grant (something) to (someone) in a gracious or condescending manner


It is a blessing vouchsafed him by heaven

10. Loblolly (n)

A pine tree with long needles and strong wood


Dad has been building a loblolly house for about 2 months

Loblolly House

Loblolly Pine

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