War & Military Vocabulary

Chaos = big mess/big trouble

– Army => ground soldier, they have tank, they set up the basis
– Marine corps (read: marine core) => fighting soldier
– Navy => they have ship, submarine
– Air Force => they have jet, pilot

Rank (level of people in army)
– Officers (higher rank): General /admiral (top in the navy)

– Enlisted (lower rank): Sergeant, Corporal, Private
POW (Prisoner of War)
KIA (Killed in action)
MIA (Missing in action)


Weapons (arms):
– RPG (Rocket Prepelled Grenade)
– IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
– Rocket-aimed
– Missile-guided
– Mortar-aimed (it is like a big bullet), lobbed
– Bullet (rounds)
– Anti-aircraft, anti-tank
– Grenade (shrapnel = pieces of metal)
– Sanctions (economic weapon)

Boot camp (place where army get exercise)
Drill Sergeant (trainers)

Ceasefire (Stop shooting)
Truce (long creasefire)
Treaty (a contract between two countries)
UNSC (United National Security Center)

Guerilla (soliders who are not part of army) -warfare
militant (militia, a group of millitant)
ally/coalition (create a group of Nation to join together for command fight)

conflict (a polite word for war)

offensive (when you attack)
counter- (the other side attacks back)
repel (push you back)
incursion (enter the enemies territory, get inside)
onslaught destroying/killing a lot of people without pardon, raid)

boots on the ground (send soldiers into territory on the ground)
ground forces (walking in guns, knife, RPG)

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