How to Increase Your Vocabulary

– Read what you are interested in! Then Write

– Theme

ex/ tech = obsolete, state-of-the-art (newest), update (to make newer), downgrade, cutting-edge

– Similar meaning

Increase = extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce

– Do not limit yourself to 1 word! Learn different form of the same word


beauty (n), beautify (v), beautiful (adj), beautifully (adv)

– Learn roots-suffix, prefix


root -ject => inject, eject, object, subject

– Listen to any spoken English (try

– dictionary eng->eng + transcript (try or

– Do not use on line translator!

  1. Which of these words does not belong in the group?
    interrupt, disrupt, erupt, report, corrupt, rupture
  • disrupt
  • corrupt
  • rupture
  • report

Report is the only word that does not have the root –rupt

  1. What might be a vocabulary theme for these words?
    solar, thermal, turbine, hydroelectric, nuclear
  • cars
  • engines
  • energy
  • weapons

  1. The word amazingis an adjective. Which of the following is its verb form?
  • amazement
  • amazingly
  • to maze
  • amaze

  1. The best way to increase and maintain vocabulary is by reading and writing.
  • true
  • false

  1. Which of the following sentences best illustrates the meaning of the wordexplain?
  • To explain is to say how something works.
  • The teacher explained the process so well that everyone understood it.
  • A textbook explains the ideas.
  • I asked my friend to explain the grammar.

To explain is to make someone understand something. This sentence clearly expresses the meaning.

  1. In which of the following vocabulary groups would the word ejectfit?
  • A group for the root -ject
  • A theme group for computer actions.
  • A theme group for things a pilot does
  • All three could be possible groups.

  1. which of the following words would NOT fit in the function group for add to?
  • amplify
  • raise
  • boost
  • deconstruct

‘Deconstruct’ means to break down to smaller pieces.

  1. Which of the following adjectives does not have a verb form?
  • sure
  • final
  • heavy
  • light

ensure, finalize, lighten

  1. Words that you have added to the knowpile of cards never need to be looked at again.
  • true
  • false

Review these once in a while to make sure you don’t forget them.

  1. A word group has a function to make less. Which group fits this function?(watch out for spelling)
  • subtract, reduce, lesson, ease
  • lower, ease, lessen, calm
  • reduce, subtract, easy, lighten
  • lessen, ease, remove, light

Please lower the volume. The teacher tried to ease the tension in the room. We need to lessen the burden of the middle class. The president tried to calm the anxious nation.

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