The Causative

S + CV + Agent + Verb + Object

ex/ I had the barber cut my hair.




Get + to verb

S + Causative Verb + Obj + V (PP)

ex/ I had my hair cut

I had my homework done for me

I got my car fixed




– Sam made her boyfriend cut his hair.

– Cal let his friend borrow his car.

– Jane got her sister to sew her a dress.

– You should have the school call the boy’s parents


– Bill had his house painted.

– I get my groceries delivered.

  1. Matthew was having difficulty with his English homework, so his mother had Linda, Matthew’s older sister, _______ him with some of his assignments.
  • to do
  • to help
  • help
  • do

His mother had his sister help him with his assignments.

  1. As technology advances and calculations become more complex, humans need to get computers __________ for them.
  • work
  • to do
  • help
  • to think

Humans get computers to think for them (humans).

  1. To celebrate the holiday, the teacher had each of his students __________ a traditional dish at home and bring it to class to share at the party.
  • to cook
  • cooked
  • prepared
  • prepare

‘Cook’ would be okay here (however, it’s not a choice). “The teacher had the students prepare a dish….”

  1. Your car is a mess. If you want, I can recommend a great place where you can have it _________ inside and out, and it’s not too expensive.
  • cleaned
  • clean
  • to clean
  • wash

…get it (the car) cleaned (passive voice).

  1. After many hours of questioning, the detectives finally ________ the suspect tell them where the body was hidden.
  • maked
  • to make
  • make
  • made

  1. Clark: What are you going to wear to the wedding?
    Lois: I bought a gorgeous black dress and new shoes, and I’m getting my hair _________ at Silvio’s place.
  • to cut
  • did
  • done
  • to do


  1. Tomorrow I have to attend a conference, so please be advised that I will let you ______ a little early. If you are getting a ride from someone, please make the adjustments you need.
  • to leave
  • to go
  • left
  • go

  1. What a cute puppy! Can you get it ________ any tricks yet?
  • do
  • to do
  • done
  • jump

  1. Miley: How did you get this phone number?
    Bob: I __________ my friend hack your computer. I hope you don’t mind.
  • got
  • had
  • let
  • make

‘Let’ is grammatically correct, but doesn’t have much meaning here. ‘Make’ is in the present tense, while the sentence is in the past tense. “Got + to + hack” would be correct.

  1. Challenge:
    “Don’t make me make you say it!”
    Who will say “it”?
  • “you”
  • “me”

Paraphrase: Don’t put me in a situation where I have to force you to say it.

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