Food Crops (01)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 abandon abandonment abandoned
2 adversity adverse adversely
3 aggregate aggregate aggregate
4 cultivate cultivation cultivated
5 fertilize fertilizer; fertilization
6 intensify intensification intense
7 irrigate irrigation
8 obtain
9 photosynthesize photosynthesis
10 precipitation


Definitions and Samples

  1. Abandon v. To leave a place because of danger

The Chinese families have to abandon their homes because of incessant flood.

  1. Adversely adv. Negatively; In a harmful way

Living together with a sick member of family may adversely affect one’s health.

  1. Aggregate adj. Formed by adding together two or more amounts

Parents usually collect aggregate money to aid their families’ life.

  1. Cultivation n. Preparing the land to grow crops; Improvement for agricultural purposes

A good technology can improve the method of cultivation.

  1. Fertilize v. To make (soil, land) richer & better able to support plant growth by adding chemicals or a natural substance (such as manure)

The farmer fertilizes the field in order to get a better result of cultivation.

  1. Intensify v. To become stronger

His spirit towards learning English intensifies his success.

  1. Irrigation n. The supplying of water to dry land

The lack of water can harm irrigation.

  1. Obtain v. To gain or get (something) by effort

He obtains a great score by cramming.

  1. Photosynthesis n. The process by which a green plant turns water & carbon dioxide into food when the plant is exposed to light

Many plants have a capability to do photosynthesis in order to support their lives.

  1. Precipitation n. Water that falls to the ground as rain, snow, etc

In a desert area, precipitation comes rarely.

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