About Me

Welcome to my world! My name is Sir Kalifatullah, but you can call me Kido. I am, an open-minded and gregarious person, currently living in Bandung, West Java. I confess my self as a generous fellow.

I have a lot interests such as: English, sport, computer, other languages (such as Italian), history and video games. Writing is one of my passion in order to disperse knowledge and express feeling into luxuriant creativity. My native language is Bahasa but i can moderately speak both English and Italian. Now my great desire is to focus on learning English, since i’m using it in my daily activities.

By the way, i love to write in English, Italian, and Bahasa about everything that life has to offer. Friendship means a lot to me. It must grow like a flower and of course i know that you must take much care of it.

In spare time, i like to write anything in English: useful articles, histories, sports, and other positive knowledge, which can enhance my ability to share with other people. Let`s try!

Mail : kalifatullah86@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hai,,,, my name is warsito,, i just copy some document from your blog, thanks for everything you wrote in your blog, you are a creative person is that , i love bahasa and english too, but until now i don’t have friend to practice english,, will you ? am stil study abaut this language by reading and tray to translate ,,, i thing this still difficult fro me..

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