Time Efficiency (o5)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 adjust adjustment adjustable
2 arbitrate arbitrator arbitrary arbitrarily
3 denominate denominator denominational
4 exponent exponential exponentially
5 infinitesimal infinitesimally
6 maximize maximum maximum
7 parallel parallel parallel parallel
8 proportion proportionate proportionally
9 rate rate
10 sequence sequence sequentially


Definitions and Samples

  1. Adjust v. To change (something) in a minor way so that it works better

My PS3’s joystick works much better now since the buttons have been adjusted.

  1. Arbitrary adj. Not planned or chosen for a particular reason

My decision to continue studying in Engineering faculty has been arbitrary so now I get little difficulty to get an appropriate job.

  1. Denominator n. The number in a fraction that’s below the line and that divides the number above the line;

You can divide two numbers easily in a fraction if both the numerator and the denominator are the same.


  1. Exponentially adv. At a very fast rate

The value of Rupiah has decreased exponentially in the last two decades.

  1. Infinitesimal adj. Extremely small

I don’t get perfect score since I made several infinitesimal mistakes.

  1. Maximize v. To increase something as much as possible

Every time I study English, I have to maximize my concentration in order to get the best result.

  1. Parallel adj. Similar things : a shared quality or characteristic

To make a good essay, the story in it has to be parallel and integrative.

  1. Proportion n. A part of a whole

The proportion of boys to girls in our class is two to one, it means that there are two boys for each girl in our class.

  1. Rate n. The cost per unit of a good or service

The rate of increase in prices made it difficult for me to afford basic goods.


The depiction of rate

  1. Sequence v. To arrange in succession

You have to sequence the way you finish homework to avoid circuitous result.

Petroleum Alternatives (04)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 constraint constraint
2 contaminate contamination; contaminant
3 deplete depletion
4 dispose of disposal disposable
5 element elemental elementally
6 emit emission
7 extinction extinct
8 reserve reservoir
9 shrink shrinkage shrinkable
10 stable stability stable stably


Definitions and Samples

  1. Constraint n. Something that restricts something or someone

The major constraint of students who live in the developing country is they lack to get a part-time job to pay their fees.

  1. Contamination n. Being dangerous, dirty, or impure by adding something harmful or undesirable to it

The children’s behavior have been contaminated by their uneducated father.


Contamination’s everywhere & harms our earth

  1. Deplete v. To greatly reduce the amount of something

Illegal activities such as logging and mining absolutely deplete natural resources.

  1. Dispose of [phrasal verb] v. To get rid of something

Please, dispose of your cigarette into the basket bin.

  1. Elementally adv. In terms of elements

Elementally, concrete and soil are not alike.

  1. Emission n. The act of sending out of something (such as energy or gas)

Leaky emission of soil in Java by the irresponsible government has damaged adjacent local houses.


Emissions from a coal’s factory

  1. Extinction n. Completely die out

Modern lifestyle has caused the extinction of many old traditions.


Dinosaurs are good example of an extinction caused by nature

  1. Reservoir n. An artificial lake used to store a large supply of water for use in people’s homes

Dry season afflicts many reservoirs in my city.


Nowadays, a reservoir in my city for its beauty becomes an aim of many local tourists to visit

  1. Shrink v. Becoming smaller in amount, size, or value

Don’t boil water too much or it may shrink.

  1. Stable adj. Not easily changed because of being in a good state or condition

Her continuously work has made her life more stable than before.

Evolution & Migration (03)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 adapt adaptation adaptable
2 difersify diverseness [nc] diverse diversely
3 evolve evolution; evolutionist
4 feature feature
5 generation generational
6 inherent inherently
7 migrate migration migratory
8 physical physical physically
9 process process
10 survive survivor; survival


Definitions and Samples

  1. Adapt v. To change one’s behavior so that it’s easier to live in a particular place or situation

My cats could adapt to the new mileu since we had been nomadic.

  1. Diverse adj. Various

I always give daily diverse food to my pets to avoid boredom.

  1. Evolve v. To change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state

It is believed that lions have evolved from cats.

  1. Feature n. An interesting or important part, quality, ability, etc.

My new tablet has special features including water resist with the result that I can use it every where.

  1. Generation n. A group of people born and living during the same time

Today’s people behavior toward careless nature may harm the future generation.

  1. Inherent adj. Belonging to the basic nature of someone or something

Licking its delicate fur and sleeping for 18 hours a day are inherent in any kind of cat.

  1. Migration n. Movement from one place to live or work in another

America government allows yearly mass migration for 50.000 lucky people around the world to change their qualities of life.

  1. Physical adj. Relating to the body of a creature

Our next door children always do a physical abuse to my poor kitten.

  1. Process n. A series of actions that produce something

Making a high quality shoe needs a complicated process, though.

  1. Survive v. To continue living

I don’t think I can survive without playing video games every day!




Disaster (02)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 anticipate anticipation anticipatory
2 catastrophe catastrophic catastrophically
3 collide collision
4 erupt eruption
5 famine
6 flood flood
7 impact impact
8 persevere; persist persistent
9 plunge plunge
10 unleash


Definitions and Samples

  1. Anticipate v. To think of something that will or might happen in the future

He anticipates his retiring moment by investing money in building a business venture.

  1. Catastrophic adj. A terrible calamity

Many people in Aceh died in a catastrophic tsunami on December 2004.

  1. Collide v. To hit something or each other with strong force

My plan to visit Bali collides with a company tour.

  1. Eruption n. A sudden blow-up

Mountain Tangkuban Parahu released a vigorous eruption and caused death to the local inhabitants in 1829.

  1. Famine n. A drastic food shortage

The victims caused by a great famine in Russia have reached to 5 million people.

  1. Flood n. An excessive amount of water covering an area

The cruel flood occurs in the southern area of Bandung yearly.

  1. Impact n. A powerful influence or effect

His speech’s given an impact on my life.

  1. Persevere v. To continue doing something even though it’s difficult

I persevere to learn English regularly despite a busy life.

  1. Plunge v. To fall suddenly from a high place; To drop abruptly in amount

They plunged into cold water from the highness and enjoyed themselves.

  1. Unleash v. To remove a leash from (an animal) so that it can freely run, attack someone, etc

I unleash my cat from home every evening, so that he can meet and play with his friends freely.

Food Crops (01)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 abandon abandonment abandoned
2 adversity adverse adversely
3 aggregate aggregate aggregate
4 cultivate cultivation cultivated
5 fertilize fertilizer; fertilization
6 intensify intensification intense
7 irrigate irrigation
8 obtain
9 photosynthesize photosynthesis
10 precipitation


Definitions and Samples

  1. Abandon v. To leave a place because of danger

The Chinese families have to abandon their homes because of incessant flood.

  1. Adversely adv. Negatively; In a harmful way

Living together with a sick member of family may adversely affect one’s health.

  1. Aggregate adj. Formed by adding together two or more amounts

Parents usually collect aggregate money to aid their families’ life.

  1. Cultivation n. Preparing the land to grow crops; Improvement for agricultural purposes

A good technology can improve the method of cultivation.

  1. Fertilize v. To make (soil, land) richer & better able to support plant growth by adding chemicals or a natural substance (such as manure)

The farmer fertilizes the field in order to get a better result of cultivation.

  1. Intensify v. To become stronger

His spirit towards learning English intensifies his success.

  1. Irrigation n. The supplying of water to dry land

The lack of water can harm irrigation.

  1. Obtain v. To gain or get (something) by effort

He obtains a great score by cramming.

  1. Photosynthesis n. The process by which a green plant turns water & carbon dioxide into food when the plant is exposed to light

Many plants have a capability to do photosynthesis in order to support their lives.

  1. Precipitation n. Water that falls to the ground as rain, snow, etc

In a desert area, precipitation comes rarely.