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Time Efficiency (o5)

Bold Words are target Words

  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
1 adjust adjustment adjustable
2 arbitrate arbitrator arbitrary arbitrarily
3 denominate denominator denominational
4 exponent exponential exponentially
5 infinitesimal infinitesimally
6 maximize maximum maximum
7 parallel parallel parallel parallel
8 proportion proportionate proportionally
9 rate rate
10 sequence sequence sequentially


Definitions and Samples

  1. Adjust v. To change (something) in a minor way so that it works better

My PS3’s joystick works much better now since the buttons have been adjusted.

  1. Arbitrary adj. Not planned or chosen for a particular reason

My decision to continue studying in Engineering faculty has been arbitrary so now I get little difficulty to get an appropriate job.

  1. Denominator n. The number in a fraction that’s below the line and that divides the number above the line;

You can divide two numbers easily in a fraction if both the numerator and the denominator are the same.


  1. Exponentially adv. At a very fast rate

The value of Rupiah has decreased exponentially in the last two decades.

  1. Infinitesimal adj. Extremely small

I don’t get perfect score since I made several infinitesimal mistakes.

  1. Maximize v. To increase something as much as possible

Every time I study English, I have to maximize my concentration in order to get the best result.

  1. Parallel adj. Similar things : a shared quality or characteristic

To make a good essay, the story in it has to be parallel and integrative.

  1. Proportion n. A part of a whole

The proportion of boys to girls in our class is two to one, it means that there are two boys for each girl in our class.

  1. Rate n. The cost per unit of a good or service

The rate of increase in prices made it difficult for me to afford basic goods.


The depiction of rate

  1. Sequence v. To arrange in succession

You have to sequence the way you finish homework to avoid circuitous result.