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English Phrasal Verbs (Part 4)

Part IV

  1. Share out to give a part of something to a group of people

This presentation file is going to be shared out later after I finish the class.

  1. Shut up to stop talking, stop making a noise

Kids, shut up saying bad words or I’ll clean your mouths with soap.

  1. Sit down to (start to) sit

I let the grandma sits down. I can’t see her standing up in the bus.

  1. Sort out to solve a problem

I’m unable to sort this puzzle out. It’s too difficult for me.

  1. Speak up to talk more loudly so someone can hear you

Your voice is very low and I can’t hear you. Could you speak up, please!

  1. Split up to end a relationship

My bad friendship was not too good; We decided to split up.

  1. Stand up to (start to) stand

Relax your body and begin with standing up.

  1. Stay up to go to bed late

I have to cram and stay up.

  1. Take away to remove

Liz has taken the maggots away from her scalp.

  1. Take back to return something to the place it came from

It’s better for you to take the books back.

  1. Take down to remove (from a high place)

I’m too small and short to take the books down from the highest line of the shelf.

  1. Take off to leave the ground

It takes a long time for the plane to take off.

  1. Take off to remove (a piece of clothing)

Let’s take all your clothes off and swim in the river. No one can see you here.

  1. Take over to take control of (a business, etc.)

The uneducated woman takes over this company! I don’t believe it.

  1. Take up to start (a hobby, sport, etc.)

Taking up stamp collecting is a boring hobby.

  1. Throw away to put something in a rubbish bin

Can you throw this plastic away! It’s been there for 3 days and emits a smelly odor.

  1. Try on to put on (a piece of clothing) to see how it looks and if it fits

He spends an hour only to try cheap clothes on.

  1. Turn down to lower the volume of

I’m studying for the final test tomorrow. Can you turn the radio down!

  1. Turn off to stop a machine working

Turn the TV off and start studying!

  1. Turn on to start a machine working

It’s so boring, I’m trying to turn the TV on, but I realize that the electric has been cut off.

  1. Turn over to turn something so the other side is towards you

Time is over for this section, now you can turn the paper over.

  1. Turn up to increase the volume of

Hey, it’s my favorite song, turn it up!

  1. Wake up to stop being asleep

I’ve to wake up at 5 am every day.

  1. Wash up to wash plates, cups, cutlery, etc.

Kostya helps me to wash up after the big party. He’s very helpful!

  1. Watch out to be careful

Watch out! The snake is going to bite you.

  1. Work out to find the solution to a problem, etc.

I keep working out to connect my computer to the internet.

  1. Write down to write information on a piece of paper

Listen carefully and write the requirements down; It’ll not be repeated twice.