My Trip To Bandung Floating Market

Sir Kalifatullah

Me in Bandung Floating market

Bandung Sunday, 5th October 2014

Today I visited a colleague’s wedding. It was hilarious and convenient because the party was in an open garden. He seemed very happy and joyful. I felt a little sad when the master of ceremony was announcing their marriage, mayhap it was only my imagination. In that time, I remembered that we used to go for lunch together in office’s hour break. In my opinion, getting married means living in the second life since everything will change; including the life, habits, way of think…

Sir Kalifatullah

After attending the party, I went to the Floating Market in my city. A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. It was very cool because I’ve never been there before. The location was not far away from the wedding venue. I really loved the environment, indeed. Fresh air and nature’s view which I have never felt, greeted me with happiness and caused my body’s tremble like a bamboo, which’s hit by delicate breeze air. It was a big lake in the gist, surrounded by a huge park with unique concepts.


A Merchant in Bandung Floating Market

Since it’s Sunday. I found many visitors there. In fact guests could buy various food from merchants, which stayed on small arks. Before buying, we had to change “real money” into “coins” which’re acceptable only by them. In my point of view, the price was so sumptuous that I had to think twice before choosing the right food to consume.


Coins, needed to buy Food

There, goers could enjoyed little boats on the lake, which resembled water’s bicycle and train. In reality, i didn`t try it. I have tried the same things generous time in another excursion’s place. Besides luxuriating little boats. Visitors could buy unique things, which only could be found there, such as human craftsman, mini statues, clothings etc.

Taman Kelinci

House of rabbits ^_^

It resembled also a mini zoo as i could find several animals in the certain points. Visitors’re authorized to feed ducks, swans, birds and another poultries.

All in all, i was so happy that i spent a tremendous time in the area. However, it could vanish my tiresome daily life in the workplace. In my mind, variety of sphere in life may reduce our constraints.

Sir Kalifatullah


12 thoughts on “My Trip To Bandung Floating Market

  1. Very interesting. I imagine that Java island has so many fascinating places.

    I assumed that floating markets are along the coast. In this case you were not on the ocean as Bandung is inland. Surely the location is in a mountainous area. Visiting such scenic beauty brings harmony to the soul. Thanks for sharing, sir!

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